• John is always creating training programs based on what I like and need. We’ve been running, boxing and doing all sorts of strengthening exercises in a way that feels dynamic and different every time.   Haim N.  


  • I have worked out with John on multiple occasions and it's been great. He is an excellent instructor and with an abundance of experience in the physical fitness field. We went for a run one Saturday through the park and it was challenging but doable. The next time we got together for a full fledge boxing workout with rounds and calisthenics. That was the first time using a push-up board that has these handles and spaces to plug them into. The board is color coded to tell you what body part is being worked the most for the push-up. I will definitely return for more sessions in the future and working with John will help me achieve my fitness goals.... two thumbs up!!!    Glynn Berry


  • I went into my first workout session with John full of trepidation and angst due to the fitness rut I fell into after relocating to NYC in February 2018. However, John's professionalism and work ethic quickly dispelled any negative feelings I had. During our first work out session John gauged my fitness baseline with an assortment of exercises tailored to my goals. After this initial session John steadily increased the intensity of the workouts on a weekly basis that enabled me to see, and most importantly feel, physical gains. John has been an integral part in my fitness journey and I always look forward to our work out sessions.  Izeem Hills
  • I met John at the gym – he was my trainer and we became fast friends. I remember telling my story to John about how I’ve accomplished so much in life but the one thing that’s got me beat is my weight. The way I look and feel had me down. I was about 60 pounds overweight and tried absolutely everything. John & I continued our fast growing friendship outside of the gym and has trained me ever since.  He said ,”Jay - if you promise me you’ll show up for your workouts & do what I ask, I will not let you fail. We will do this together this is our journey not yours alone to bear. We will find success together.”    He has kept his word. I have never worked harder nor felt better. Some of our greatest times together are our runs. When we were climbing up a hill and the struggle is tough John will say Jay you can make it up this hill let’s go. You have to get your mind right. Your mind body & spirit.   He is as dedicated to me as I am. There are times I believe he is even more dedicated than me. So if you’re looking for a trainer and a man that keeps his word, John is your guy!!   Jay Depaolo


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